Our Mission is to Become the Best Version of ourselves. That is why everything we Create is Meaningful and Purposeful Designed to Inspire you to also be the Best Version of yourself. -EVELYN REYES


Where Artist find Style and Inspire Originality.   

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About Eve west

EVELYNDA REYES,  is the Owner & Face of EVE WEST.  WEST, is her sons Middle Name and main source of inspiration to follow her passion, EVE WEST. She is your Artist and the world is her muse. Single mom, business owner, Professional Makeup Artist, Art Director who believes Value over Trends. Her Main Purpose in Life is to be the "BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF." Everything she makes has a purposeful positive meaning to encourage humanity to strive to also become the best version of themselves. Every Accessory Design is made with a Vision and a Mission, to Style You and Inspire You. She's a lover, a creator, and innovative motivator! When it comes to fashion we seek Originality.  EVE WEST  is the Ultimate source for the latest in Boho Chic Styles & Fashion. We are navigating our way through the world of fashion, finding our own effortless positive esthetic.
"Handcrafted to INSPIRE YOU! & STYLE YOU!: -EVE WEST